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Bethpage State Park was constructed in 1933 as a part of the WPA program.  The park is the home of world famous golf courses and was the location of the 2002 PGA Open.  In an effort to refurbish the facility at a minimum cost to the State, the New York State Parks Department solicited private operators to lease the clubhouse and perform major interior and exterior alterations as a condition of the lease. 

Andrew J. Desiderio, P.E., P.C. was retained for the mechanical (plumbing, HVAC, fire protection) and electrical design of the club house alterations.  This wood framed structure had not been designed to house large commercial kitchens nor was air conditioning incorporated into the original complex.   The revised clubhouse was to include three major catering areas, one of which consisted of a new ballroom addition to the rear of the building.  This building is considered an historic landmark and all interior and exterior alterations complied with strict architectural standards imposed by the State architect. 
The HVAC systems included thirteen major air conditioning units, ranging in capacity from 2 to 15 tons; three kitchens that required make-up air units and exhaust systems, and all associated ductwork.  Fresh air intakes and exhaust systems were integrated into the building exterior while maintaining the original architectural features.  Andrew J. Desiderio, P.E., P.C. also designed a new smoke and fire detection and alarm system for the entire facility.