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Amalgamated Warbasse Houses is a 2700 family complex consisting of five, twenty-four story residential buildings and a central power plant.  The power plant includes three boilers, each rated at 100,000 lbs/hr of 650 psig steam; five, 1000 ton absorption refrigeration machines and two-3 megawatt steam turbines.  An addition to the central plant was installed in 1985 that included a 10 megawatt cogeneration plant utilizing gas turbine/generators with exhaust heat recovery boilers.  The buildings are heated and cooled via a network of underground dual-temperature pipelines that distribute hot water during the heating season and chilled water during the cooling season.  
Andrew J. Desiderio, P.E., P.C. has provided professional engineering and design services to this complex for more than 25 years on a continuous basis.  These services included:

  ¨  CCTV Security system throughout the complex
  ¨  Design of new walkways
  ¨  Engineering supervision of underground piping replacement program
  ¨  Structural inspections and rehabilitation program
  ¨  Design of complete new site lighting system
  ¨  Energy management
  ¨  Fire/Smoke detection and alarm systems
  ¨  Sanitary Engineering
  ¨  Indoor air quality studies
  ¨  Domestic water pumping and heating systems
  ¨  Trane Absorption Chiller Replacement
  ¨  Boiler Replacement
  ¨  MegaWatt Generator Replacement

New Boiler being Hoisted into power plant.